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Join this hottie at the beach for some fun

Whitney is one of those girls that you see her pictures and think there is no way that she really looks like that. When you are looking at her, you may also think that there is no way that she would go out with you. Fortunately, you are wrong on both counts. She does really look like that and she will go out with you at any time. All you have to do is call. She is one of the most sought after escorts in Miami, so make sure you call soon so you can spend time with her while you are in Miami.

How Does She Get that Body

You may be wondering exactly how Whitney maintains her perfectly tanned and toned body. The truth is that she loves going on long runs on the beach. One of the main reasons that she moved to Miami is because she loved going to the beach. In addition to running on the beach she also enjoys doing yoga on the beach as well. So if you were wondering, yes she is extremely flexible as well and she would love to show you just how flexible she really is.

She Loves an Adventure

Whitney is truly an explorer at heart. She loves going on new adventures, which is one of the reasons that she loves being an escort. She looks forward to each new date to see what the day/evening/night will bring. Her adventurous spirit means that she is truly up for anything and would love to explore Miami with you.

Let her show you all of her favorite spots in the area or if you have some place that you want to see, let her come with you and keep you company. No matter what you want to do while you are in the South Beach area, Whitney will be up for it.

Relax and Enjoy a Night In

Perhaps you are tired from all of your business meetings or from partying at one of the clubs and you just want a quiet night in. Whitney will come direct to your room and spend some quality time with you. She will even help you relax with a wonderful sensual massage.

When it comes to an erotic massage South Beach, there is no one quite like Whitney. She is one of the best at providing sensual massages to her clients. If you really want a unique experience, try the NURU massage. You will not regret having her completely naked and lubed up with oil rubbing her hot Miami body rubbing up against yours. The special gel that is used allows her to easily glide her body along yours, rubbing you in all the right places to help you truly relax and enter a state of ultimate bliss.