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It's Time for a Lexus

  • Age: 24
  • Bra Size: D-Cup
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Height: 5ft 3in
  • Weight: 104 lbs

For anyone who loves to feel horsepower as the engine reeves up, Lexus is the ultimate driving machine they have been looking for. She fires on all cylinders and can keep a man's engine running hot and his piston ready for work. Once she puts the gas down her man better hold on for the ride of their life, because there is no slow gear in her vocabulary. She is full throttle all the time, but like any wonderful piece of machinery, she needs to be taken care of properly. She needs to have the right things put into her so she can continue to perform. She is sleek and has curves in all the right places. This forces men's jaws to drop to the showroom floor when they see her in person for the first time. While pictures can show her off, these images just don't do her justice until a man is right there, in her presence.

A test drive with Lexus is a life changing experience. She is the perfect combination of sleek style and power, always ready to perform as soon as her ignition is sparked. She loves it when her man knows how to handle her. No matter where her man wants to go in town, she is perfectly at home with it. Some guys like to see the strip and walk into the top club for everyone around to see. When with such a beautiful specimen, it is only natural to want to show her off. Authorities, men just want to stay inside of the hotel room, which is not a problem with her, because Lexus doesn't mind showing off what is under her hood. Hopefully her man knows how to work with his hands down there and really get in to see what is going on. If not, it's alright, because she has a few ways to show him what needs addressing. Every once in a while she has a moisture leak that needs to be addressed. Although her man is likely going to find that the more he works on her under the hood, the more she'll continue to drip. Sometimes though, it is just better to embrace it, lube up and to do whatever it takes to satisfy Lexus, because she is sure to satisfy her man.


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